We meet on the first Wednesday evening and third Saturday afternoon of the month, with a different focus for each meeting. There’s plenty to explore! We’ve looked at gender and sport, gender and astronomy, and have a few ongoing ‘series’ including: Gender and Art, and feminist snapshots around the world. There will be suggested readings for almost all meetings, but no worries if you haven’t had the chance to read them! We always recap what they were about when we begin. And if a particular topic isn’t one you’re knowledgeable about – that’s okay! We spend time discussing the topic, and often our conversations lead us down many an interesting avenue, unconnected to the original theme.

Hosts: Kelly & Eri – discussiongroup[at]pifsociety.ca


In advance of the Federal Election 2019, this team is working to bring visibility to politicians, Federal parties and the electorate of interconnecting injustices and inequalities, with the ultimate goal of contributing to sustainable and equitable solutions. Recognising that unless all of us are free, none of us are free, we are focusing on areas from a wide-range of fields which may appear disparate or disconnected. However, PIFS understands that ongoing systemic problems contribute to one another, and our manifesto seeks to encourage intersectional problem-solving across the plethora of current issues.

Contact the team at fep@pifsociety.ca or via our contact page.


Imagine, someone at your workplace makes a sexist joke and you would like to point out that it was sexist and inappropriate but in that situation, you didn’t know what to respond and remained silence. This project wants to find possible responses and behavioral strategies so that you feel more confident to say something in such situations. We want to create a collection of How-To-Say. Feel free to join us and be creative with us!

Contact: Irene – howtosay[at]pifsociety.ca


There is a group of passionate individuals that’s dedicated to PIFS’ website. We meet now and then to develop new ideas for the website and the run admin-side of things. If you love to brainstorm about the functionality of websites, you may know a bit about WordPress and website design, or you just want to pop by and participate in our meeting to learn more about our group, send us a message through our contact form (topic ‘website’). Most of us are far from being IT-experts, so please don’t hesitate to contact us  if you don’t have any website-related experiences yet — we all grow together!

Contact: Brigitte – website[at]pifsociety.ca


The editorial team works with the writers to create content for our blog. We would like more people to join us as we aim to consider things from diverse perspectives. Writers do not have to be PIFS members. If you are interested in contributing to our blog, please contact us through our contact form (choose ‘editorial team’). If you have any feedback/questions regarding our content, please also use our contact form.


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