PIFS is an organization that explores and dismantles the many avenues of social oppression.

  • Respect: We respect one another and the communit(ies) we work with

  • Responsibility: We are responsible for our actions and education as individuals, and working with PIFS

  • Creativity: We foster creativity

  • Intersectional: We cleave to the core tenets of intersectional feminism

  • Accomplices: Also known as allyship and being co-conspirators, when working with or for groups not our own, we recognise our position as accomplices to their goals

  • Progress: Progress is the heart of everything we do

  • Emotions: There is space for the full range of emotional response and creation, recognising room for anger and grief, as well as joy and celebration

  • Solutions: Our focus is on the pursuing and implementation of solutions


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