Practising Intersectional Feminism Society (PIFS) is an expanding collective of diverse individuals who work to promote safe spaces that invoke progressive action through social change, democratic means, and by elevating voices. We came together with feelings of helplessness, frustration and grief. Our individual past experiences and the witnessing of injustices around us catalysed our resolve. We redirect our collective energies to compassion, empathy, and celebration for concrete action.

Our areas of focus are as diverse as we are, and we recognize that it is only with seeking inclusive solutions together that we will create an egalitarian society.


Given the current socio-political climate, PIFS makes clear that we stand for the rights of all people, including (but not limited to) trans and non-binary people, Indigenous peoples, people of colour, immigrants, sex workers, and people of all ages, sexualities, classes, and people with disabilities, and religious freedoms particularly for those of Islamic and Jewish faith who are especially vulnerable in Canada right now.


To be a hub for stewards to promote intersectional ideals through action, communication, and the fostering of community.


To re-imagine a more sustainable and equitable society by bolstering progressive ideologies.


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